Gas prices soar across Missouri, reach highest Independence Day price since 2014

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – If you have stopped for gas lately, prices have probably caught your attention.

Gas prices this Independence Day Weekend hit the highest mark since 2014. While analysts with AAA say it is pretty typical to see gas prices jump ahead of holidays, especially during summer, they say this year’s spike has been pretty noticeable.

Many drivers in Southwest Missouri would tend to agree.

“Oh yes,” Springfield driver Bonita Story said. “Not happy.”

The average cost of gas here in Missouri is about $2.807. Meanwhile, the national average sits at $3.134, according to AAA.

While prices in the “Show Me State” are less than the national average, fuel prices are still up by almost a dollar since this time last year.

Many drivers have started to feel the impact at the pump.

“It’s pretty crazy,” driver Jacob Crane said. “It’s definitely noticeable for real. Like here lately I been putting in $10, $20. It’s not like what I used to get.“

“I was paying about $30 to $35,” Story said. “It’s about $50 now.“

”It used to be only about $20 or so to fill up my car, now it’s getting around 35 to 40 bucks,” driver John Baldwin said. “I don’t know about you, but I can’t be filling up my tank every time I’m going to the gas station right now, at least if I’m driving around town.”

Those driving on diesel have taken a slightly harder hit, which can get quite costly for those who commute to work like Quinta Quick.

”It’s about 35 bucks a day, cause I drive from Springfield so it’s about an hour here [Kimberlin City] and an hour back.”

Gas prices dropped last year with fewer people traveling. Now the demand is back up, and many drivers said they do not think those prices are going anywhere anytime soon.

”It just seems like the last month or so it’s been going up and up,” Baldwin said. “And I just hope we can get to a place where we can go back down again.”

Many drivers would like to see prices go back down to what they are used to.

”I remember when it was a dollar something,” Quick said. “So closer to that, if not a lot less.”

While gas prices usually peak in the Spring, many drivers are trying to budget as best they can while those prices keep going up.

”I don’t even fill it up all the way,” Baldwin said. “Just put a little bit at a time kinda helps, especially with how fuel efficient my car is I kind of figure it out.“

”I do what I can,” Quick said. “I just try to keep it above a quarter tank until empty.”

Analysts with AAA say prices will likely go up through summer as travel and oil prices increase, but it could level off soon after. Analysts predict that prices will increase another 20 cents or more per gallon this summer.

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